AVEVA Insight: Advanced Topics - Virtual Workshop

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There are both hands-on and follow-along options available for this course.
If you do not plan on participating as a hands-on attendee, please select the follow-along option.
Please only select the hands-on session if you intend on utilizing the hands-on learning environment.

See below for more information on participating as a hands-on attendee.

Learn How to Use Supervised Machine Learning to Predict Equipment Failure and Optimize Operational Behavior!


Learn How To

Use existing sensor historical data to define normal asset behavior.

Leverage advanced pattern recognition algorithms to continuously monitor and identify small deviations in real-time operating behavior.

Easily create models using a data centric approach – no need for a data scientist!

Leverage built in library of fault diagnostics to properly investigate the potential issue.

Predict when the predicted failure will occur and schedule maintenance accordingly.

Use out-of-the-box reporting and case management tools to analyze the system and document ROI.

What You Will Get

Hands-On Training


3 hours Overview and hands-on training

Earn 3 CEU credit!

Wonderware California is an Approved Continuing Education Provider for the California Department of Public Health and the California Water Environment Association.

CDPH Certification Instructions | CWEA Certification Instructions

What to expect during a hands-on workshop

Watch this video to see what you can expect during one of our hands-on workshops!

All hands-on participants are required to have a dual-monitor setup. If you do not have access to a dual-monitor setup, we invite you to join us and follow along.