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Class Information

Length: 2 days
Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $1,250.00/person

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The Wonderware Historian course is a 2-day, instructor-led class designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the features and functionality of the Wonderware Historian 10.0, a plant-wide historian and historical data provider.

This course covers how to use the Wonderware Historian 10.0 for SCADA and factory data, and how it integrates with Archestra technology to extend the capabilities of InTouch and the System Platform.


Target Audience

This training is for system integrators, consultants, engineers, and technical professionals who need to configure and use the product in a variety of manufacturing settings.


Knowledge of Wonderware Application Server or Wonderware InTouch
Knowledge of databases and SQL language
Manufacturing industry experience


Upon completion of this course, you will have learned the following skills:

  • Configure and Historize InTouch and Application Server data
  • Execute queries against the Historian Runtime database
  • Configure the summarization and replication of historical data on local and remote historians
  • Insert and modify data manually with queries and .CSV files
  • Events in InTouch or System Platform

Course Outline

Module 1Introduction
Section 1Course Introduction
Section 2Intoduction to the Wonderware Historian
Section 3System Requirements, Licensing, and Support

Module 2Historian Configuration
Section 1Archestra System Management Console Interface
Section 2Historian and InTouch
Lab 1Historizing InTouch Data
Lab 2Adding tags manually
Section 3Historian and System Platform
Lab 3Creating and Historizing the galaxy
Lab 4Historizing UDA's
Section 4 General Configuration
Lab 5Configuring and Tracking modifications
Lab 6Exporting the Historian Configuration

Module 3Data Retrieval
Section 1Data Retrieval
Section 2Historian Extensions for Retrieving Time-based data
Lab 7Working with queries

Module 4Summaries and Data Replication
Section 1Summarizing data
Lab 8Summarizing data locally
Section 2Replicating Data on a Tier-2 Server
Lab 9Replicating Data
Section 3Querying Summarized and Replicated Data
Lab 10Querying Summarized and Replicated Data

Module 5Manual Data
Section 1Data Definitions
Section 2INSERT and UPDATE Query Syntax
Lab 11Inserting data manually
Lab 12Using corrected data
Section 3Importing Data
Lab 13Manually inserting data using .csv Import

Module 6Historian Event System
Section 1Event System Overview
Section 2Defining event tags
Lab 14Creating and Retrieving Events
Section 3Active Event
Lab 15Using Active Event in Intouch
Lab 16Using Active Event in Application Server


Earn 16 CEU credits!

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