Our Team

We're proud to introduce you to these fabulous people that make the magic happen.

Sales Team

  • Maury Beck Sales Director Maury Beck Maury has been with us for 20 years (yes he started when he was 5) so try to stump him with your most difficult AVEVA question. In his spare time, Maury likes to do chicken scooter races and blow up microwave ovens. CONTACT
  • Jeff Harig Sales Manager Jeff Harig Jeff recently joined the AVEVA Select California team and has several years of previous AVEVA experience at Wonderware West. CONTACT
  • Mike Llapitan Sales Manager Mike Llapitan Mike has over 13 years of experience helping customers with proven automation solutions. He understands each customer has a unique plant environment, but all share the same goal of improving quality and profitability while maintaining safety and compliance. At home, Mike helps his wife from going cra-cra raising three silly boys. CONTACT
  • Sherri Lewis Account Manager Sherri Lewis Sherri has been with AVEVA Select California for five years. After a full career in IT and then 13 years away as a stay at home mom, AVEVA Select California has fostered the space to allow her to grow back into an interesting career. CONTACT
  • Chris O'Brian Account Manager Chris O'Brien Chris joins AVEVA Select California with an extensive background in Business Development and Account Management. Outside of work, he enjoys surfing, spending time outdoors, exercising, and playing guitar. CONTACT
  • Chris Torres Account Manager Chris Torres As a new addition to the team, Chris comes with 11 years of experience on industrial control systems. When not at work, he spends his time running kids to practices, or training in Jiu-Jitsu with his son. Otherwise, he can be found in the Sierra Nevada exploring the wilderness. CONTACT
  • Luke Iknadosian Account Manager Luke Iknadosian Luke has been with AVEVA Select California for a few years. He loves automation technology and loves to learn! He's always entertained with AVEVA's diverse solutions and customers. To find out what he does outside of work, become a customer! CONTACT
  • Brian Meyer Project Manager Brian Meyer Brian has 9 years of IT and project collaboration experience. After a stint in SoCal and Eureka, he is excited to return to his roots in Sonoma County, with his dog, two cats, and wife. When not playing baseball, golf, and flag football - he is an avid fan of the Giants, Sharks, and Indianapolis Colts. CONTACT
  • Chris Baldwin Sales Developer Representative Chris Baldwin Chris joins the team with over 15 years of experience in engineering software sales in the manufacturing space. When not at work, Chris enjoys tennis, hiking, fishing, hunting and travel. CONTACT
  • Chris Casey Sales Developer Representative Chris Casey After spending 12 years in Arizona, Chris is excited to be back in Sonoma County where he was born and raised. He comes to AVEVA Select California with over 14 years in both inside/outside sales and a cloud specialist for two years. He has traveled the world (literally), enjoys playing tennis and golf, and being an uncle. CONTACT
  • Adam Bush Sales Developer Representative Adam Bush Adam has recently joined the team bringing 15 years of manufacturing operations, IT and sales experience. Away from work, Adam enjoys lots of time with his family and exploring the great outdoors! CONTACT
  • Matt Burdelsky Sales Business Representative Matt Burdelsky Matt joins AVEVA Select California with over 20 years of customer service and hospitality management experience. Outside of work he spends time playing tennis, gardening, cooking, and caring for his two young sons. CONTACT
  • Tom Horn Sales Business Representative Tom Horn Despite being named after a famous cowboy, Tom Horn is an east coast guy at heart. He graduated from New York Film Academy with a BFA in Screenwriting and a passion for comedy and Film Noir. He enjoys golf, Sixers basketball (Trust the Process), and spending time with his family. CONTACT
  • Rick Krey Sales Development Representative Rick Krey Rick joins AVEVA Select California with over 15 years experience in helping food processors and various other organizations upgrade their ERP system. Outside of work Rick enjoys camping, fishing, and kayaking with his family and friends. CONTACT
  • Sharona Salzman Business Development Lead Sharona Salzman Sharona joins AVEVA Select California with extensive experience in Marketing, Communications, and Business Development. Outside of work, Sharona enjoys cooking healthy dishes for her family, hiking, writing, watching Rom Coms, and travelling. CONTACT

Product Experts

  • Alberto Gomez Training Manager Alberto Gomez Alberto gets a sense of pride when a trainee says "ahhh, I get it now!" and is known to happily stay late to review concepts further or work on extra labs. In his spare time, Alberto likes travelling through Latin America, especially after going to the World Cup in Brazil. CONTACT
  • Marc Johnson Technical Trainer Marc Johnson When Marc isn’t skiing, he is sharing his passion for technology in the training classes he teaches on the west coast. With almost two decades of diverse automation and technology experience, he takes great pleasure in helping individuals and organizations solve business problems. CONTACT
  • Tim Brost Product Specialist Tim Brost Tim has recently joined the AVEVA Select California team and is excited to be part of the automation world. When he's not in the office, you'll find him outside training for triathlons, SCUBA diving, sailing, or other activities that peek his interest. CONTACT
  • Pierre Hery Product Specialist Pierre Hery Pierre is a former engineer who made the move to AVEVA Select California in July 2020. He is excited to apply his technical skills to help support WWCA’s outstanding sales team. As a Bay Area native, Pierre is a fervent supporter of the 49ers, Warriors and Giants! CONTACT
  • Elkansa Kousa Product Specialist Elkansa Kousa Elkansa recently joined AVEVA Select California as a Product Specialist, she previously worked in project delivery with AVEVA for three years. When not in the office, Elkansa enjoys hiking, backpacking and traveling. CONTACT
  • Daniel Ruatta Product Specialist Daniel Ruatta Daniel joins the Product Specialist team to utilize his engineering skillset, while simultaneously enjoying conversations with customers. He specializes in working with system integrators around Northern California and always has time for a round of golf. Daniel also enjoys long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach, medium walks... CONTACT

Tech Support

  • Brian Meinz Technical Support Engineer Brian Meinz Brian has been with AVEVA Select California technical support for nine years. He enjoys the challenges and rewards of a constant learning curve environment. Outside of the office, Brian likes camping, backpacking, and attempting to play guitar. CONTACT
  • Joe Schlitzer Technical Support Engineer Joe Schlitzer Joe has been with our automation support team for just over a year. He's kept busy goofing off with his energetic infant son, enjoying the outdoors of Northern California or watching a SF Giants baseball game. CONTACT
  • Jason Brendmoen Technical Support Engineer Jason Brendmoen Jason (Jay) joined our award winning Tech Support team this year after almost 20 years in the telecommunications industry, working from tech support to marketing and sales. Outside of work he enjoys traveling or relaxing while creating the newest batch of home brew beer with his son and friends. CONTACT
  • Technical Support Engineer Steven Sigley Steven started at EandM in 2022. He enjoys solving problems and learning about the many ways our customers automate their operations. Outside of work, Steven enjoys cooking new foods and playing Dungeons and Dragons with his wife and friends. CONTACT

Inside Sales

  • Kathleen Brown Director of Sales Operations Kathleen Brown Kathleen started with AVEVA Select California in 2008. She loves to travel and has a long list of must see destinations to visit. She also likes camping, gardening, baking and is a huge music lover of all varieties.
  • Dani Vargas Inside Sales Manager Dani Vargas Dani has worked for AVEVA Select California since 2009. She has two small monsters that rule her life during off hours. In an effort to escape, she’s always looking for the newest brewery, podcast or book. CONTACT
  • Dylan Bree Inside Sales Dylan Bree Dylan has been with AVEVA Select California since 2011. In his free time, Dylan enjoys checking out the latest technology, gadgets, and video games available; or enjoying the many micro-breweries Sonoma County has to offer. He is an avid bay area sports fan, but mostly follows hockey and the San Jose Sharks. CONTACT
  • Ty Brown Inside Sales Ty Brown Ty has been with AVEVA Select California since January 2011. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, camping, watching Ancient Aliens and perfecting his barbeque - with a goal of competing at the "Memphis in May National Barbeque Competition" in Tennessee. CONTACT
  • Kristen Hall Inside Sales Kristen Hall Kristen joined Inside Sales in January 2018. In her spare time, she enjoys worldwide travel, local wine tasting, beach activities and keeping herself up-to-date on new consumer technology. CONTACT
  • Cesar Cuellar Inside Sales Cesar Cuellar Cesar joined AVEVA Select California in May 2019. He has three kids who play sports year-round. He enjoys watching anything sports and loves the local teams. Big fan of local cuisine and is always looking for new places to eat. CONTACT
  • Brent McDowell Inside Sales Brent McDowell After eight years in the wine industry, Brent is new to AVEVA Select California. Despite a background in wine, he very much prefers a good local craft beer! Most of his free time is spent watching or playing sports, cooking a variety of foods, and going on new adventures with his amazing wife and two kids. CONTACT
  • Israel Rivas Inside Sales Israel Rivas Israel comes to AVEVA Select California with a fresh perspective, having spent many of the last few years in banking. In his free time, he enjoys hiking the local Bay Area trails and takes yearly trips to Lassen Volcanic Park. He hopes one day to complete the Pacific Coast Trail. When not hiking, he enjoys the arts like filming, photography and watching movies. CONTACT
  • Brian Hageman Inside Sales Brian Hageman Brian joins the team after having spent 6 years in manufacturing. In his spare time he enjoy watching baseball, soccer, football and anything Star Wars related. he also enjoys making trips to Disneyland with his wife and 2 kids. CONTACT
  • Vanessa Vongphakham Inside Sales Vanessa Vongphakham Vanessa joins the team after working in banking for more than 19 years. She is a big foodie and loves trying new foods and cooking. In her off time, she and her husband enjoy taking their kids fishing, crabbing, camping and going out to the local regional parks. She loves to entertain and has been making wine in her garage for over 10 years. Cheers! CONTACT