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Length: 1 days
Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $750.00/person

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This instructor-led course that is designed to provide the participant with a fundamental understanding of the role of Historian Client as a plant-wide historian and data provider.


Target Audience

System integrators, plant floor operations and managers, system administrators, and other individuals who want to learn how to use Historian Client in their manufacturing processes.


Knowledge of Microsoft Windows
Manufacturing Industry Experience


Upon completion of this course, participants will have a fundamental, understanding of how Historian Client software can be used to report and analyze historian data.


Course Outline

Module 1Introduction
Section 1Course Introduction
Section 2Introduction to Historian Client Software
Section 3Introduction to the Wonderware Historian

Module 2Historian Client Trend
Section 1Introduction
Lab 1Use Historian Client Trend Basic Functions
Lab 2Configure Public Groups and Trend Sets
Lab 3Configure Time Offsets and Target Regions
Lab 4Advanced Properties: Retrieval Styles

Module 3Historian Client Workbook
Section 1Introduction
Lab 5Use Historian Client Workbook Basic Functions
Lab 6Use Other Historian Client Workbook Functions
Lab 7Use the Tag Analysis Wizard
Lab 8Create an Hourly-Average Shift Report

Module 4Historian Client Query
Section 1Introduction
Lab 9Use Historian Client Query
Lab 10Use Historian Client Query in Excel


Earn 8 CEU credits!

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