AVEVA System Platform & Operations Management Interface (OMI)

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Class Information

Length: 5 days
Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $3,750.00/person

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The AVEVA System Platform & Operations Management Interface (OMI) course is a 5-day, instructor-led class designed to provide an overview of the features and functionalities of System Platform & OMI.

You are guided through setup, layout, best practice concepts, features, and functions of the System Platform & OMI software platforms.

Hands-on labs reinforce concepts and features.


Course Outline

Part 1: System Platform

Module 1Introduction
Section 1Course Introduction
Section 2System Platform Overview
Section 3AVEVA Application Server Overview
Section 4The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Section 5Automation Objects
Section 6System Requirements and Licensing

Module 2Application Planning
Section 1AVEVA Application Server Project Workflow
Section 2Case Study

Module 3Application Infrastructure
Section 1The Plant Model
Section 2The Deployment Model
Section 3System Management Console
Section 4The Runtime Environment
Section 5Data Simulation

Module 4Application Objects
Section 1Introduction to Application Objects
Section 2Object Attributes
Section 3Change Control and Propagation
Section 4Containment

Module 5Device Integration
Section 1Device Integration Servers
Section 2Device Integration Objects
Section 3Connecting Application Objects to Field Data
Section 4Device Integration Redundancy

Module 6History
Section 1Enable Historization to Shared Historian Server

Module 7Object Management
Section 1Object Export and Import
Section 2Galaxy Dump and Galaxy Load

Module 8Introduction to QuickScript.NET
Section 1Introduction to Scripting
Section 2Variables and Control Statements

Part 2: Operations Management Interface (OMI)

Module 1Introduction
Section 1Course Introduction
Section 2Visualization Overview

Module 2Getting Started
Section 1Introduction
Section 2Screen Profiles
Section 3Layouts and Panes
Section 4ViewApps

Module 3Industrial Graphics
Section 1Introduction to Industrial Graphics
Section 2Graphic Editor
Section 3Industrial Graphics with Objects
Section 4Tools and Animations
Section 5Custom Properties
Section 6Galaxy Styles

Module 4External Content
Section 1Introduction to External Content

Module 5Application Customizations
Section 1Layout and Pane Customizations
Section 2Custom Navigation
Section 3ContentPresenterApp

Module 6ViewApp Namespaces
Section 1Introduction
Section 2Custom ViewApp Namespaces and Attributes

Module 7Security
Section 1Security Overview
Section 2ViewApp Security
Section 3Signed Writes

Module 8Alarms and Events Visualization
Section 1Alarm Overview
Section 2Live Alarm Visualization
Section 3Logged Alarms and Events Visualization

Module 9Trends
Section 1Historization Overview
Section 2Real-Time Trending
Section 3Historical Trending

Module 10Historical Playback
Section 1Historical Playback

Module 11.NET Controls Usage
Section 1Introduction

Module 12Scripting in Graphics
Section 1Introduction
Section 2System Scripts
Section 3Layout Scripts
Section 4Graphic Client Functions


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